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Dreaming with Purpose Workshop Level 1 Course $44.44

In this workshop series I’ll teach you, the dream traveler and worker, how to fully embrace your purpose and role, build a strong dream work practice, safely navigate your dream space, and confidently do the soul work you’ve been tapped to do (without feeling like you’ve flown around the world and back a million times). In the Level I Workshop we will focus on learning the basics, building the foundation, establishing a routine and developing some best practices.

Registration Open Date: 10/10/22

Registration Close Date: 11/10/22

Format: Live Online via Zoom, Recorded for Purchase/On-Demand Viewing

Fee: $44.44

Next Live Workshop Date/Time: Sunday, 11/13 from 1-3:30pm EST

Level I Workshop - Building the Foundation for Your Intuitive Dream Work Practice

Participants will learn:

  • What dreams are and why we do it

  • The importance of dreams and need for dream workers

  • Common dream themes and symbols

  • How to recall, record, and interpret personal dreams using dream resources and tools (includes divination/oracle cards)

  • How to use and create Dream Interpretation Oracle Card spreads

  • Rituals to induce dreams

  • Best practices to increase dream recall

Register early, there are a limited number of seats in the live class!

Live Course 11/13 1-3:30 pm EST - Buy Tickets Here