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Intuitive Life Guidance Session

These sessions are great for either short term general guidance or specific guidance in one area of your life (relationship, career, purpose, etc). During these hour long sessions we talk through your challenges or concerns with the use of divination tools such as cards, runes, or the pendulum.


Dream Analysis Session 

During this 30 minute session I work with you to decipher a significant or recurring dream. This is a co-creative process designed to provide the client with insight; dreams are very personal and I push the client to unravel these important symbols on their own with my guidance.


Mediumship/Spirit Communication

 These sessions are meant to connect or communicate with passing (hospice situations) and passed loved ones. I serve as the channel to bring you messages that can bring clarity, closure and/or aid in your healing. 


*Special Spirit Transition Services - These services are meant specifically for those who believe their loved ones are not fully transitioned. This work can take weeks and as such, flat rate pricing isn’t available. Contact me for a consultation.

Transition Services - $Varies


If you have general questions about certain topics I specialize in or want to discuss the type of service that may be appropriate, select this service first. If you book a full session following our discussion your $50 will be credited toward your next booking.